Genome Sequences

Genome Sequence Pigeonpea Chickpea International Chickpea Genetics & Genomics Consortium (ICGGC) Re-sequencing of 429 Chickpeas Groundnut The International Peanut Genome Initiative (IPGI) The Diploid Progenitor Peanut A-genome Sequencing...

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Public Domain

Public Domain  Supplementary material of different research articles of this center can be accessed:   Roorkiwal et al. (2018) Genomic-enabled prediction models using multi-environment trials to estimate the effect of genotype × environment...

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Scripts Script Description – Extracts the assembly stats of a genome fasta file– Run the genscan gene prediction program in batch mode. Runs genscan as well as converts output to gff forma...

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  Publications In last 10+ years team CEGSB along with its collaborators and partners have published more than 350+ research articles in more than 43 high impact journals. The trend on different parameters can be seen below. Year wise list...

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