High-throughput molecular marker genotyping services: with an objective to enhance adoption of molecular breeding by NARS partners, marker genotyping services are being offered on cost-to-cost basis. 

Molecular markers have been realized powerful tools for genetic dissections and manipulation of many traits of importance in agriculture. However, their full potential, especially in breeding, is yet to be demonstrated. This is due to a number of limitations, with cost and throughput as major issues. Hence providing marker services to the breeders and researchers for NARS and SMES in developing countries has been one of the major goals of CEG. In this context, Genotyping Service Laboratory (GSL) as a part of the CEG is offering range of genotyping services that includes:

  1. SSR Genotyping
  2. DArt Genotyping 
  3. SNP Genotyping
  4. Genotyping by Sequencing

For availing above mentioned genotyping services, please send your project details to:

Ms M Sri Swathi
Senior Scientific Officer– Sequencing & Genomics Services
Center of Excellence in Genomics & Systems Biology (CEGSB)
Bldg 300, ICRISAT
Patancheru- 502324, Greater Hyderabad
Tel: +91 845568 3427 (O)

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