Sequencing and Informatics Services
FeFa Girls Iron for Adolescents
Genomics and Breeding Innovations
Designing future ready crops
Introgression of QTL-hotspot_Chickpea
5Gs for crop genetic improvement
The genome of cultivated peanut provides insight into legume karyotypes, polyploid evolution and crop domestication
A western Sahara centre of domestication inferred from pearl millet genomes
Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in arid environments
Molecular breeding for introgression of fatty acid desaturase mutant alleles (ahFAD2A and ahFAD2B) enhances oil quality in high and low oil containing peanut
The genome sequences of Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaensis, the diploid ancestors of cultivated peanut
Genome sequence of mungbean and insights into evolution within Vigna species
Draft genome sequence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) provides a resource for trait improvement
Fast-Track Introgression of “QTL-hotspot” for Root Traits and Other Drought Tolerance Traits in JG 11, an Elite and Leading Variety of Chickpea
Genomes to Field
Accelerating Genetic Gains
3366 chickpea genome sequencing
Systems Biology for Crop Improvement
Resequencing 429 chickpea accessions
The genome sequence of segmental allotetraploid peanut Arachis hypogaea
Whole-genome resequencing of 292 pigeonpea accessions identifies genomic regions associated with domestication and agronomic traits
Exciting journey of 10 years from genomes to fields and markets: Some success stories of genomics-assisted breeding in chickpea, pigeonpea and groundnut
Neglecting legumes has compromised human health and sustainable food production
Marker‑assisted introgression of a QTL region to improve rust resistance in three elite and popular varieties of peanut
Marker-Assisted Backcrossing to Introgress Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Race 1 and Ascochyta Blight in C 214, an Elite Cultivar of Chickpea
Systems Biology for Crop Improvement
Feeding the future
Can genomics boost productivity of orphan crops?
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