Designing Future Crops: Genomics-Assisted Breeding Comes of Age

An Overview of Genomics-Assisted Breeding v 2.0 (GAB 2.0) to Deliver Future Crops.



Availability of reference genomes and genome-wide surveys on comprehensive diversity panels pave the way to associate the allelic variation with phenotypes.

Methods are now available to evaluate the genetic worth of the vast genetic resources archived in gene banks and streamline application of these resources in crop improvement programs.

Precise genome editing technologies in concert with enhanced trait architectures enable innovative solutions to engineer complex trait variation.

High-throughput phenotyping methods are beginning to alleviate the challenge of accurate, precise, and large-scale measurements of plant performance.

Optimized speed breeding protocols remain crucial to accelerating breeding advance when applied with genomic breeding approaches.

Sustaining gains from genomic breeding seeks fast-tracking exploitation of the minor effect alleles, accumulation of favorable alleles, and purging of deleterious alleles.

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