Key resources for genomics and crop improvement practitioners – series of books released

Book series on genomics and crop improvement released at the Board meeting. Photo: PS Rao, ICRISAT

Book series on genomics and crop improvement released at the Board meeting. Photo: PS Rao, ICRISAT

A series of four books that focus on the subject of crop improvement and genomics that make a significant contribution to this area of work has been authored by ICRISAT scientists. The ICRISAT Governing Board released the four books, The Chickpea Genome (Eds: Rajeev Varshney, Mahendar Thudi and Fred Muehlbauer); The Pigeonpea Genome (Eds: Rajeev Varshney, Rachit Saxena and Scott Jackson); The Peanut Genome (Eds: Rajeev Varshney, Manish Pandey and Naveen Puppala), and Genomic Selection for Crop Improvement (Eds: Rajeev Varshney, Manish Roorkiwal and Mark Sorrells). These books were published by Springer Nature. Dr Kerby and Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Vice Chair, ICRISAT Governing Board and Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, congratulated the editors.

After decoding the genomes of three legume crops, it was important to document the efforts in the area of sequencing and analysis of the legume genomes. The three genome books talk of the importance of the crops, cytogenetics and genetic maps, history and coordination of genome sequencing initiatives, genome sequence and their analysis, trait mapping, transcriptomics and functional genomics, molecular breeding and future prospects of genome sequences. The books present concepts and mythologies of genomic selection, statistical analyses and current status of application of genomic selection in major group of plant species – namely cereals, legumes, vegetatively propagated clonal crops, tree species and also application of genomic selection in hybrid crops.

These books by a team of global scientists from ICRISAT and partner universities from USA will serve as quality resources for plant geneticist, breeders and for research scholars working in this domain.

Speaking on the release of the books, Dr Rajeev Varshney,  Research Program Director – Genetic Gains and Director Center of Excellence in Genomics and Systems Biology and key editor of these books said, “It is always a pleasure to return to the society. Gifting knowledge and wisdom in the form of these books is a great way to give back.” The editors thanked the ICRISAT Governing Board and the Senior Leadership for their continued support and expressed their gratitude to all dignitaries, partners, collaborators and friends for their wishes and also thanked the publisher Springer Nature and Dr Chittaranjan Kole, series editor for their effort in contributing to education and training around the world.


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