Joint biotech lab set up in China for genome sequencing

During the MoA signing in Qingdao, China. Photo: ICRISAT

To accelerate collaborative work on genome sequencing of peanut, the Shandong Peanut Research Institute (SPRI) and ICRISAT have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to jointly set up a biotechnology lab.

“We are starting a new era of strong collaboration between ICRISAT and SPRI,” said Dr Li Gui Zhu, Director General of Shandong Peanut Research Institute (SPRI) after signing the MoA for the joint biotechnology laboratory in Qingdao, China. Shandong is the largest peanut growing province in China and SPRI is the lead peanut research institute of Shandong Province.

Dr Rajeev Varshney, who signed this agreement on behalf of ICRISAT Director General Dr William Dar, said, “We will do our best to accelerate biotechnology research including genomics, genetic engineering in the peanut breeding program at SPRI.”

Dr Jian Cheng Zhang, Deputy Director General of SPRI expressed the organization’s interest in exchange of scientists between ICRISAT and SPRI as a part of the MoA signed as well as the MoU signed earlier between ICRISAT and SAAS.

Dr Mei Yuan, Senior Scientist, on behalf of SAAS and SPRI, expressed their gratitude to ICRISAT leadership and requested for more collaboration.

ICRISAT’s association with SPRI and SAAS started in December 2013. Although ICRISAT is already working on genome sequencing of AA genome with SPRI, Oil Crops Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shofine Seed Company and other partners, the SPRI-ICRISAT Joint Biotechnology Laboratory will accelerate the collaborative work between the two organizations.

The MoA was signed in the presence of Dr Jianhua Zhu (Director), Dr Ms Jianghui Wang (Deputy Director), Mr Xiao Liu (Chief of Science and Research Management) of SAAS, Dr Jian Cheng Zhang, Deputy Director General of SPRI and other senior officials from SPRI and SAAS. At the event, the International Cooperation Department of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) honored Dr Rajeev Varshney with the Foreign High-End Expert Fellowship and SPRI named him their ‘International Advisor’.

Source: ICRISAT Happenings

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