Intensifying genome sequencing work for drought proofing crops in Karnataka, India

Dr Varshney briefing Karnataka state government officials on genome sequencing-related work at ICRISAT. Photo: PS Rao, ICRISAT

The Government of Karnataka, India, has requested ICRISAT to lead the coordination of the state government’s initiative on sequencing and molecular breeding of finger millet. 

ICRISAT’s experience on coordinating complex genome sequencing projects with targeted product delivery was shared with the Karnataka state Agriculture Minister, Mr Krishna Byre Gowda, and other senior government officials at a recent meeting ‘Decoding genome sequence for strengthening the genetic improvement of finger millet’.

Dr Rajeev K Varshney, Research Program Director-Grain Legumes, ICRISAT briefed the participants on the genome sequencing-related activities at ICRISAT.

Further discussions involving sorghum and pigeonpea improvement for Karnataka state were also held. ICRISAT’s Drs Santosh Deshpande and Rachit Saxena, provided an overview of ICRISAT’s activities on sorghum and pigeonpea improvement.

The officials suggested developing molecular breeding projects in partnership with concerned Karnataka State Agricultural Universities.

Activities for all crops will be part of an existing MoU between ICRISAT and Karnataka on drought proofing crops. The meeting was held in Bangalore on 18 July.

Source: ICRISAT Happenings 

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