Genotyping Services

SSR Genotyping

Among molecular markers, SSR markers were considered the markers of choice. As a result, during last three years, the CEG has been offering SSR genotyping services to a number of partners in India and other countries. During 2011, a total of 1.5 million SSR data points were generated for different projects like diversity, mapping, marker-assisted selection etc., for wide range of species like tomato, potato, maize, rice, chickpea, pigeonpea, common bean, banana, mango and litchi. 

For availing SSR genotyping services, markers are already available for sorghum, pearl millet, chickpea, groundnut and pigeonpea, sweet potato, rice, tomato. SSR genotyping service can be extended to any crop provided the users either provide or ask GSL to buy the primer pairs for their crop of interest.

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