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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Inaugural Session
Welcome remarks Video   Rajeev Varshney
Opening remarks Video   Peter Carberry
Inaugural address Video   Asis Datta
Inspirational message Video   Surinder Vasal
Inaugural lecture: Genomics interventions to ensure food and nutritional security in developing countries Video   Howard Yana-Shapiro
Session I: Next Generation Genomics Co-Chairs: PK Gupta and HS Gupta
Next generation barley genomics Video Presentation Nils Stein
From the genome to the field: The role of the French Plant Genomic Center Video Presentation Helene Berges
Next generation genomics and integrated breeding in legumes Video Presentation Rajeev Varshney
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   PK Gupta and HS Gupta
Session II: Genome Sequencing and Germplasm Re-sequencing Co-Chairs: Jeff Ehlers and Hari Upadhyaya
From genebank to field- leveraging genomics to identify and bring novel native variation to breeding pools Video Presentation Sarah Hearne
High-throughput SNP genotyping for rice improvement Video Presentation Michael Thomson
NGS and plant variant discovery and exploitation in plants: some lessons Video Presentation David Marshall
ISMU 2.0: A multi-algorithm pipeline for genomic selection Video Presentation Abhishek Rathore
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Jeff Ehlers and Hari Upadhyaya
Session III: Genomics Platforms Co-Chairs: Eric Danquah and Shoba Sivasankar
The BecA-ILRI Hub and its contribution to African agricultural biotechnology and crop improvement Video Presentation Appolinaire Djikeng
Sequencing and arrays with Illumina   Presentation Cindy Lawley
Douglas Scientific Array Tape? platform and its application in genomics assisted breeding Video Presentation Venkatramana Pegadaraju
To in-source or outsource: Challenges and considerations for developing a genetic marker program in 2015 and beyond?? Video Presentation Steve Asquith
New era for molecular breeding with cost effective SNP genotyping solutions Video Presentation Bhaswar Maity
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Eric Danquah and Shoba Sivasankar
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Session IV: Trait Mapping Co-Chairs: Ramesh Aggarwal and Baozhu Guo
Development and use of a sorghum backcross nested association mapping population for trait dissection Video Presentation David Jordan
Challenges and advantages of MAGIC genetic map construction Video Presentation Emma Huang
Applying high-throughput genomics to crops for the developing world Video Presentation Jason Wallace
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Ramesh Aggarwal and Baozhu Guo
Session IV: Trait Mapping Co-Chairs: Ramesh Aggarwal and Baozhu Guo
Advances and prospects in forage systems biology and molecular breeding Video Presentation German Spangenberg
Improving genome assemblies and capturing genome variation data for applied crop improvement Video Presentation Dave Edwards
Prospecting for gene function in complex natural and agricultural systems Video Presentation Douglas Cook
Genome sequencing to support germplasm analysis and utilization Video Presentation Robert Henry
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Noel Ellis and Naveen Puppala
Session VI: Genomics-Assisted Breeding - I Co-Chairs: HS Dhaliwal and Chittranjan Bhatia
Trait-associated SNPs provide insights into heterosis in maize Video Presentation Patrick Schnable
Practice of whole genome molecular marker assisted breeding in BGI Video Presentation Gengyun Zhang
Genomics based breeding research for improving resistance to biotic and abiotic stress in cereals Video Presentation Frank Ordon
DArT PL?s support for agricultural research and practice: delivery model and technology package Video Presentation Andrzej Kilian
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   HS Dhaliwal and Chittranjan Bhatia
Session VII: Genomics-Assisted Breeding - II Co-Chairs: Tim Sutton and Bharat Chattoo
Accomplishments in soybean molecular breeding and future perspectives Video Presentation Henry Nguyen
Genome-wide association of SNPs in stress responsive genes with salinity tolerance in rice Video Presentation Trilochan Mohapatra
Establishment of wild pea Pisum fulvum chromosome segment substitution lines in cultivated P. sativum genetic background, as a tool to study domestication and to broaden genetic diversity Video Presentation Petr Smykal
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Tim Sutton and Bharat Chattoo
Friday, February 20, 2015
Session VIII: Climate Resilience Genomics and Breeding Co-Chairs: Kadambot Siddique and Ajay Parida
Climate-resilient maize development and delivery in the tropics through public-private partnerships: CIMMYT?s experiences and perspective Video Presentation BM Prasanna
Advent of climate smart rice varieties through genomics-assisted breeding Video Presentation Jauhar Ali
Adaptation to water limitation and climate change: From trait dissection to yield Video Presentation Vincent Vadez
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Kadambot Siddique and Ajay Parida
Session IX: Novel Breeding Approaches Co-Chairs: EA Siddiq and Pooran Gaur
Genomic selection in plants: a new tool for crop improvement Video Presentation Mark Sorrells
New developments in genomic-enabled prediction models Video Presentation Jose Crossa
Potential of promotion of alleles by genome editing for improving quantitative traits in livestock breeding programs Video Presentation John Hickey
Integration of physiological breeding and genomic selection for wheat improvement Video Presentation Jesse Poland
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   EA Siddiq and Pooran Gaur
Session X: New Horizons for Crop Improvement Co-Chairs: Swapan Datta and KC Bansal
Bringing genomic data into routine use in cultivar development: reducing costs and improving the tools for breeders Video Presentation Gary Atlin
Cassava genomics - applying genomic technologies to benefit smallholder farmers in Africa Video Presentation Steve Rounsley
Diversity Seek (DivSeek): A community-driven effort to harness the genetic potential of the world's genebanks Video Presentation Peter Wenzl
Trends in agricultural genomics and Nature journal standards Video Presentation Myles Axton
Wrap up by Co-Chairs Video   Swapan Datta and KC Bansal
Concluding Session
Next generation genomics and the zero hunger challenge Video Presentation MS Swaminathan
Concluding lecture: Translating biology: The Generation Challenge Programme- a successful case study Video Presentation Jean-Marcel Ribaut
Concluding remarks Video   David Bergvinson
Wrap-up Video   Rajeev Varshney
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