Sequencing and Informatics Services

This unit offers genomics and informatics services to cater to the needs of genotyping and sequencing for a range of applications in different themes of the global research program on Genetic gains, other Research Programs, and NARS partners. An arm of the Center of Excellence in Genomics, it provides services on a cost-to-cost basis with the objective of enhancing genomics applications in breeding as well as research at ICRISAT and its partner institutes.

The CEG hosts state-of-the-art genomics platforms such as HiSeq 2500, MiSeq, ABI3730, Microarray Spotter & Scanner, LiCOR, etc. and ahigh-performance computational analysis platform with 408 cores, 6 TB RAM and 572 TB storage.

Services offered:

  • De novo and re-sequencing of genomes
  • RNASeq/Transcriptome sequencing and small RNA sequencing
  • ChiP-Seq, Methylation/Bisulfite sequencing
  • SNP (KASPassay) and SSR genotyping
  • DArT genotyping
  • qRT-PCR analysis
  • Sequence alignment and variant calling based on next generation sequencing data
  • Basic genome and transcriptome analysis
  • Genotyping-by-sequencing analysis
  • Training in sequencing and genotyping data analysis.

For availing above mentioned services, please write to:

Ms. Anu Chitikineni
Senior Manager (Sequencing and Informatics Services Unit)
Research Program – Genetic Gains
Center of Excellence in Genomics (CEG)
Bldg 300, ICRISAT
Patancheru- 502324, Greater Hyderabad
Tel: 040 3071 3345
Fax: 040 3071 3074/75

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