ICRISAT’s Center of Excellence in Genomics & Systems Biology is a partner in AdaptNET, (Strengthening education, research and innovation for climate smart crops in India) an ERASMUS+-CAPACITY BUILDING project, funded by the European Commission. AdaptNET is a bridge between higher education Institutions in India and Europe, sharing the common aim of reducing climate change impact on agriculture and developing climate smart crops.

AdaptNET is a 3-year (2018-2021)  project that will support financially the mobility of Indian scientists, strengthening their competencies in climate change-related topics, and fostering a generation of high-level teachers in India. The project will:

-Train 30 Indian scientists through the participation in four specially designed workshops;

-Provide 16 scholarships to Indian nationals for refining their scientific formation in climate-change related topics;

-Update existing graduate programs at Indian Institutions, focusing them on climate smart crops;

-Establish e-learning laboratories in India.

The project is coordinated by the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Duration of AdaptNET: Start date: 15 Nov 2018 End date: 14 Nov 2021

For more details visit AdaptNET Website

Training Announcement

Applications are invited from candidates for overseas training in Europe for Scientist/Students/Postdoctoral researchers from the partner organizations under “AdaptNET” programme

Last date to apply: August 30, 2019

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