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Welcome to 3rd International Workshop
Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis
Modern Breeding Approaches

(August 29-31, 2012)

ICRISAT in collaboration with CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) is hosting 3rd International Workshop on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis and Modern Breeding Approaches at ICRISAT Campus, Greater Hyderabad, India. This workshop is being organized in continuation of our earlier two workshops on NGS data analysis (please visit http://ceg.icrisat.org/1-ngs.html and http://ceg.icrisat.org/2-ngs.html). This workshop is a part of ongoing GCP sponsored project entitled " Integrated SNP Mining and Utilization (ISMU) pipeline".


The workshop is being planned to have brainstorming and discussions on: (i) Optimal strategies for deploying modern breeding approaches such as genomic selection (GS) and marker-assisted recurrent selection (MARS) by using the NGS (e.g. genotyping-by-sequencing approach) and high-throughput genotyping (HTPG) technologies, (ii) Optimal strategy for using NGS technology for sequencing germplasm collection and (iii) Analysis, management and storage of NGS and HTPG data . These discussions will help us to select/develop and integrate the best modules/tools in the ISMU pipeline being developed at ICRISAT to accelerate modern breeding approaches in developing countries.

Confirmed speakers:

Jacqueline Batley; University of Queensland, Australia
Peter James Bradbury; USDA-ARS, USA
Terry Casstevens; Cornell University, USA
Alain Charcosset; INRA, France
Jose Crossa; CIMMYT, Mexico
Dave Edwards; University of Queensland, Australia
Andreas Graner; IPK-Gatersleben, Germany
P. K. Gupta; CCS University, India
John Hickey; University of New-England, Australia
Johann Joets; INRA, France
Andrzej Kilian; Diversity Arrays Technology Pty Ltd, Australia
Aaron Lorenz; University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA
David Marshall; The James Hutton Institute, UK
Ramil Mauleon; IRRI, The Philippines
Kenneth McNally; IRRI, The Philippines
Jesse Poland; USDA-ARS & Kansas State University, USA
Mark Sawkins; CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme, Mexico
Christopher M. Schaefer; University of Minnesota, USA
Mikko J. Sillanpaa; University of Oulu, Finland
Roberto Tuberosa; Università di Bologna, Italy
Jiankang Wang; CAAS & CIMMYT, China
Peter Wenzl; CIMMYT, Mexico

Participation by invitation:

The workshop is meant for brainstorming discussions on modern breeding approaches using NGS and HTPG technologies. Therefore selected experts on the subjects have been invited. However some slots are open for other participants. Interested participants can send their interest to Ms Manjula. Towards meeting the logistics (including airport transfers, lodging and boarding), a registration fee of US$400 and INR 20,000 is requested for foreign and Indian delegates, respectively.


To download the tentative program of this workshop please click here

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